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Fees and Financial Assistance



An application fee of $AUD 100 is required on submission of your application form.


The full time tuition fee for domestic students for the 2020 academic year is set at $AUD 26,000.

A full time course load for an international student is $AUD 30,000.

Tuition fees must be paid in full by the notified date. Students may be withdrawn from unpaid courses. Annual tuition fees are due on the first day of semester one.

Tuition payments can be paid in cash, by bank cheque and through Internet banking. Credit card payment for tuition fees incurs a 2% surcharge. This only applies to tuition fee payments.

The subject fee of the subject or subjects that the student selects to enroll in determines the total tuition fees due for each student. Both international and domestic students will incur extra costs for student services fee and course-related costs.

Tuition fees for future years are subject to change at the discretion of the College. If tuition fees change, the College will notify students in November of the preceding year.

Course related costs

Tuition fees do not include course related costs such textbooks, travel, special clothing, photocopies, diagnostic kits and/or equipment for personal use by the student.
Course related costs are due at the start of the course and payable by the student to the ACC.
The ACC will publish course related costs to the students simultaneously with an invitation to enroll at the ACC.

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Financial Assistance


FEE HELP is an Australian government program that provides loans for domestic students studying at private higher education providers in Australia. FEE HELP is similar to HECS but has a lifetime limit on the amount you can borrow and has interest on the loan.

As the Australian Chiropractic College is an accredited provider, it is expected that students who are eligible will be able to access FEE HELP for their studies at the college.

To find out if you are eligible for FEE HELP, please visit

Please note: ACC is in the process of applying for FEE HELP to assist domestic students in the payment of the domestic student fee. Updates will be published on this website at immediate notice.


The Australian Chiropractic College is built on the vision and commitment of our valued supporter network.

Applicants demonstrating genuine financial or personal hardship are encouraged to contact us directly.

All inquiries will be treated confidentially.