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Sport, Social and Campus Life

Your timetable

For planning purposes (part time work, family, life!) , we try to accommodate busy schedules as best we can.

Our 2021 timetable is here.

Campus clubs, sports and social

Australian Chiropractic College supports and encourages student clubs that are compatible with the mission, core values and ethos of the College.

These clubs can be related to professional development, sports, social or cultural.

Clubs are run by students and have a faculty adviser. If the club is dedicated to particular chiropractic techniques, students may attend technique clubs for College core techniques, if they have completed or are enrolled in the corresponding technique course.

Students may NOT attend technique clubs for techniques not taught at the College until they have completed and passed all of the College core technique courses.

We welcome input from our inaugural student cohort for clubs and special interest groups they would like to establish.

Send us your ideas of groups and activities