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Concordia Conference 2020

Concordia n. concurrence in attitudes, accord, mutual agreement, harmony – “with one heart”

The Australian Chiropractic College is pleased to initiate a new vision, and a new beginning for the chiropractic profession in this country.

Australia’s first Concordia Conference brings chiropractic practice, philosophy, research and education together… with one heart.

Don’t miss your chance to come together to celebrate Australia’s first Concordia Conference with colleagues from all over the world, listen to an amazing line up of international and Australian speakers and share insights and learning with your professional colleague

Super Early Bird registrations now available – get in before Christmas to secure your place.

Contact [email protected] or click here for more information about Australian Chiropractic College’s inaugural Concordia Conference 2020.

Australia Information Sessions

The next information session will be:

MELBOURNE – Saturday 7 December at 7.00pm at Diskin Life, 181 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy. Register for this session using the form below.

Contact us for more information about upcoming sessions in your city and state.