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About Us

ACC students represent a new generation of chiropractor

Our students and graduates will:

  • Enjoy a leading-edge curriculum
  • Graduate practice-ready with hands on clinical and business experience
  • Emerge as proud ambassadors of Chiropractic, versed in traditional principles, contemporary science and research
  • Become leaders, authorities and representatives of an esteemed profession
  • Contribute to global health and the health and well-being of their community
  • Embrace life-long learning and professional development

The College

The Australian Chiropractic College offers innovative and contemporary courses for a new generation of chiropractors, responding to a growing public demand for holistic and collaborative care.

Rigorous Admissions ensure student success and offer:

  • Vital international links
  • Intellectually challenging course material
  • “Real world”, practice-ready chiropractors

President’s Welcome

Dr Patrick Sim, B. Sc, M.Chiro, Grad ACP
Australian Chiropractic College

Choosing a career is exciting. Choosing a career in Chiropractic is a step towards a satisfying and life-changing future.

As a chiropractor, you will have an opportunity to positively affect the health and wellbeing of people of all ages, their families, and the community at large.

Research is increasingly confirming the links between the brain and nervous system and their role in health and disease. As people are looking for a more pro-active way of managing their health, chiropractic is becoming a rapidly growing healthcare and lifestyle choice.

At ACC we are proud to be the first and only provider in South Australia of a Bachelor of Chiropractic degree accredited by the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency of Australia (TEQSA).

Our links with international organisations such the Rubicon Group and the New Zealand College of Chiropractic provide exciting educational exchange and research opportunities for our students and ensure that ACC is at the forefront of chiropractic education and practice.

We offer a boutique educational experience, rich in both scientific theory and practical application, with access to some of the best educators and practitioners in the profession.

Our curriculum is also unique in offering entrepreneurial business education so that you will be ready to launch your own business and establish yourself as qualified chiropractor.

I encourage you to join this exciting profession and to take your first step to your future with the Australian Chiropractic College.

The Australian Chiropractic College: Serving the future of chiropractic and people alike

Our Vision

A world of people expressing their true potential

Our Mission

To provide chiropractic education in an environment where excellence, knowledge and collaboration are core to our culture.

Our Values

Excellence – We are committed to quality engagement, the mastery of skills, and development of talent.

Fellowship – We learn and grow with each other, always collaborating to achieve each person’s potential.

Strength – We are tenacious and absolutely committed to championing our Chiropractic heritage.

Our Aim

To establish a confident, unique Australian private college that revives traditional Chiropractic practice blended with contemporary research and innovative education.

Board of Directors

Jerry Adams – Chair
BA, MBA (Harvard), FAICD

Dr Gerard W. Clum D.C
Palmer College of Chiropractic (US)

Dr Mark Postles D.C,
Palmer College of Chiropractic (US)

Dr Patrick Sim
B. Science (Physiology), M. Chiropractic

Dr Hayden Belle
B. Science (Health Sciences), B. Applied Sciences (Chiropractic), GAICD

Dr Aaron Scott
B.Science, M.Chiropractic

Brad Seaman
B. Science (Neuroscience) Hons, B. Health Science


Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham 
MSc (Education), Dip OT (with Distinction)

Academic Team

Associate Professor  Navine Haworth PhD (C) DC DICCP GCTTL
Academic Dean
E:[email protected]

Dr Mark Feldman DC

Dr Kym Davis DC CCSP
E: [email protected]

Dr John Ivancic B.Sc. M. Chiro
E: [email protected]

Dr Chris Hume-Phillips  
M. Chiro, Grad Dip (Animal Chiro)

Dr John Kelly DC FACC

Dr Paul Noone PhD, B.App.Sci (Chiro), DACNB
Unit Coordinator
E:[email protected]

Miriam Henke MAAPi, M. Psych (Health) Lecturer

Academic Board Members

Dr John Jenkins
Chair of the Academic Board

Associate Professor Diane Chamberlain Associate Professor Critical Care Nursing, Flinders University

Associate Professor Sufyan Akram
Assistant Dean Learning Futures at College of Health and Human Sciences, Charles Darwin University

Dr Andrew Stevenson
Chiropractor and lecturer at Macquarie University


Henry Veronese  
Corporate Services Manager
E: henry[email protected]

Sally Dukic
Executive Assistant and Academic/Administration Coordinator
E: [email protected]

Leah Nguyen  
Marketing Coordinator and Event Management
E: [email protected]

Jane Shute
Finance and  Administration Officer
E: [email protected]

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