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Based in Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

Why ACC?

We’re about people, not numbers – small class sizes offer greater engagement and more opportunities for hands-on learning. Our campus is intimate and friendly, and based in the heart of the beautiful city of Adelaide.

Graduate professional and practice-ready – ACC’s program has a strong focus on industry experience plus teaches you all the skills you need to run your own practice and enjoy an impactful, flexible and independent career.

Build lasting professional relationships– our chiropractic program is championed by committed and visionary chiropractors. At ACC, you are part of our dynamic tribe from day one.

Be successful and enjoy your study – You can feel confident that you will meet the demands of our program because our entry requirements ensure that only the most highly-suited students make it through the hurdles.

The first and only in Australia – We’re the first organisation to offer a Bachelor of Chiropractic degree in South Australia. We’re the only private chiropractic college in Australia accredited by the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) of Australia.

International partners- Our cutting-edge program builds on the internationally recognised curriculum of our partner, the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. We share our philosophy with global players in both hemispheres. Our students have opportunities for international exchange and research.

Employability – Our dedicated network of qualified chiropractors has signalled they are waiting for our graduates. As part of our community, you will build professional relationships to enhance your employment prospects.


Located in Adelaide, ranked #1 as Australia’s most liveable city for cost of living, clean environment and lifestyle. ACC’s campus is in the heart of central shopping, business and entertainment. 

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Professional accreditation

The College is accredited by the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).

ACC has applied for accreditation with the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia.

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What some of our 2020 applicants are saying…

Meet Adelle.

She’s been in touch with us for a while now, going through the admissions process, meeting all the requirements and looking forward to being part of our pioneering 2020 cohort.