Important information for students and applicants

Based in Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

Student Services

The Australian Chiropractic College will offer the following services for students:

Academic Services

As a small campus with a unique and innovative program, our staff and academics will always be close by to assist you with any questions or direct you to resources to support you during your time with us.

The College will offer counselling support for students who suffer from exam stress and/or where study habits are affecting their well-being and/or grades. Students will be directed to make an appointment with the Dean of Academics to discuss their situation.

The College will offer workshops throughout the year to help students develop their study and exam skills.


The Library plays a key role in supporting excellence in learning, teaching and scholarship by the ACC community, its students and staff, through the provision and promotion of recorded knowledge.

The Library enables and enriches learning through the provision of robust, relevant and extensive information resources and services in line with the teaching and learning plans of the ACC. The ACC aims to build an exemplary Library service that draws on the professional expertise of staff, reflects a commitment to quality assurance principles, and is futures oriented.

The ACC will provide both an online and physical library resource, and ensure that the library collection aligns with the prescribed readings recommended in the course and subject outlines. The ACC is committed to ensuring that students and staff have access to appropriate information resources, and arrangements for the Library’s operations to facilitate that commitment.

ACC will accommodate a collection for the first year of intake, with a view to enhancing the facilities as course offerings extend to second year and the scale of the student intakes increase.


Along with a growing collection of texts and journals, our Librarian has compiled a list of free to use, online resources to support your learning.

Download the list here. Please note this list will be updated regularly.

IT Services

Our facilities will include a wireless broadband network throughout the campus, a computer cluster, lecture and tutorial rooms with video and media connectivity, and networked printers. Students will be required to bring their own laptop.

The Corporate Services Manager will be available for issues relating to IT support Monday – Friday 9.00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Student Wellbeing

ACC promotes and safe and comfortable learning environment for its students that includes:

· Student recreation areas with complimentary tea/coffee and refrigeration facilities;

· Lecture, tutorial and practical rooms, library facilities and quiet study spaces .

· Secure facilities with swipe access and emergency buttons throughout the College for every student;

· A safe campus, free from sexual harassment and assault


From time-to-time, students may require additional support. In these circumstances, they can be referred to specialist services. The College will have a number of support services available for students.
Students seeking counselling should contact the Dean of Academics in the first instance. The integrity and confidentiality of the support provided will be maintained by the counselling service, and the student’s identity will be kept confidential. The College will pay for the student’s first two sessions. If students wish to continue with counselling after the first two sessions it will be at their own expense.

Students with Disabilities

The Australian Chiropractic College is committed to providing an accessible learning environment for students with physical or learning disabilities.

Should you require special equipment, support or reasonable adjustments please contact us.


The innovative curriculum at the Australian Chiropractic College offers in-built business management subjects so that students can graduate ready to start their own businesses should they wish.

Our supportive network of committed chiropractors will be involved in campus events and special career development opportunities, affording students the chance to develop productive, professional relationships with chiropractors as mentors throughout the period of their studies.

Student Life and Culture

Special interest clubs for chiropractic technique, social, sport and cultural groups will be encouraged and supported by the ACC in consultation with the Manager Corporate Services and the President.

There will also be an inaugural Student Representative Council (Student Leadership Group) in 2020. The SRC will be instrumental in developing and implementing the student experience with ACC leadership, staff and supporters.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of students and staff of the College is of paramount importance. The College will be equipped with all obligatory safety requirements and will continue to take its responsibility for maintenance and training very seriously.

All staff will undergo training in OH& S and sessions dedicated to Health and Safety will be included in compulsory orientation for students.

For more information please see our Health and Safety Policy on on the Policies page of this site.