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Based in Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

Our Graduates & Program Structure

Our Graduates

Our students and graduates will:

  • Be graduate practice-ready with hands on clinical and business experience
  • Emerge as ambassadors of Chiropractic, versed in traditional principles, contemporary science and research
  • Become leaders and representatives of the Chiropractic industry
  • Contribute to global health and the health and well-being of their community
  • Embrace life-long learning and professional development


The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)  is Australia鈥檚 independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.

The ACC is an approved Institute of Higher Education
with TEQSA and our Provider ID is PRV14283.

TEQSA has a national register of providers.

Our Program

In total, the Bachelor of Chiropractic is a five-year program with a total of 600 credit points.

This consists of:

路 a one year full time pre-requisite program of basic Health Sciences delivered at the ACC (120 credit points)
路 followed by the four year full time equivalent Bachelor of Chiropractic program (480 credit points), including an internship in the last two years in the Chiropractic Centre.

These can be studied concurrently at the College.

The Bachelor of Chiropractic program includes:
路 Course work;
路 Practical work;
路 Work Integrated Learning (WIL);
路 Chiropractic practice (internship); and
路 Chiropractic community and outreach activities.

Prospective Student Guide:

Consult our Prospective Student Guide below to learn about our entry requirements, frequently asked questions, and how our Bachelor of Chiropractic program works.

Download: Prospective Student Course Guide

Below is the Bachelor of Chiropractic program structure.

ACC Curriculum
Unit of studyUnit of
study code
Credit PointsEFTSL
YEAR 1 鈥 Semester 1
Musculo-Skeletal anatomy 鈥 Axial1ANAT1120.1
Philosophy of Chiropractic 1- Introduction1PHIL160.05
Technique Skills Acquisition1TECHSAC1140.117
Professional Practice 1: Chiropractic & the Health Environment1PROFENV60.05
Evidence Based Chiropractic1EBCHIRO60.05
Pathology General1PATHGEN60.05
YEAR 1 鈥 Semester 2
Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy 2 鈥 Appendicular1ANAT2120.1
Neuroscience 11NEURO160.05
Pathology Systemic 11PATHSYS160.05
Philosophy of Chiropractic 21PHIL260.05
Psychology: (Human Behaviour)1PSYCH160.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition: CMT DIV and UCS1TECHSAC2180.15
Critical Thinking Chiropractic1CTCHIRO60.05
Unit of studyUnit of
study code
Credit PointsEFTSL
YEAR 2 鈥 Semester 1
Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy 3 鈥 Head and Neck1ANAT360.05
Philosophy of Chiropractic 31PHIL360.05
Professional Communication (Professional Practice 2)1PROFCOM60.05
Neuroscience 21NEURO290.075
Radiography Physics1RADPHYS60.05
Pre-Chiropractic Practice 11PRECHIRO190.075
Chiropractic Science1CHIROSCI60.05
Pathology Systemic 21PATHSYS260.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition 31TECHSAC360.05
YEAR 2 鈥 Semester 2
Neuroscience 31NEURO390.075
Diagnosis 11DIAG60.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition 41TECHSAC4180.15
Professional Practice 31PROFCCP30.025
Diagnostic Imaging 11DI160.05
Pre-Chiropractic Practice 21PRECHIRO2120.1
Radiography Positioning1RADPOS30.025
Unit of studyUnit of
study code
Credit PointsEFTSL
YEAR 3 鈥 Semester 1
Pre-Chiropractic Practice 32PRECHIRO390.075
Psychology (Clinical Psychology)2PSYCH260.05
Neuro Diagnosis 12NEURO460.05
Chiropractic Practice 12CHIROPRAC1120.1
Diagnostic Imaging 22DI260.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition 52TECHSAC560.05
Diagnosis 22DIAG60.05
YEAR 3 鈥 Semester 2
Professional Practice: 4 (Practice safety and risk management)2PROFRISK60.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition 6 (Mastery)2TECHSAC660.05
Diagnostic Imaging 32DI360.05
Special Population Chiropractic: Children2SPCHIRO160.05
Chiropractic Management 12CHIROMAN1120.1
Chiropractic Practice 22CHIROPRAC2240.2
Unit of studyUnit of
study code
Credit PointsEFTSL
YEAR 4 鈥 Semester 1
Diagnostic Imaging 42DI460.05
Special Population Chiropractic: 鈥 Elderly2SPCHIRO260.05
Chiropractic Practice 32CHIROPRAC3240.2
Chiropractic Management 22CHIROMAN2120.1
Techniques and Skills Acquisition 72TECHSAC760.05
Professional Practice 5 (Business Management 1)2PROFBUS160.05
YEAR 4 鈥 Semester 2
Professional Practice 6 (Business Management 2)2PROFBUS260.05
Business and Ethics2PHIL460.05
Technique and Skills Acquisition 8 (CHIROMAS)2TECHSAC8120.1
Chiropractic Practice 42CHIROPRAC4360.3

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