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ACC Vision

The Australian Chiropractic College

Our Vision

Great chiropractors worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional environment for outstanding chiropractic education.

Our Values

Excellence – We are committed to quality engagement, the mastery of skills, and development of talent.

Fellowship – We learn and grow with each other, always collaborating to achieve each person’s potential.

Strength – We are tenacious and absolutely committed to championing our Chiropractic heritage.

Our Aim

To establish a confident, unique Australian private college that revives traditional Chiropractic practice blended with innovative education.

Why chiropractors support

The Australian Chiropractic College

Dr Hayden Belle talks about life as a chiropractor and why he has been dedicated to making the Australian Chiropractic College a reality.

Future Graduates

The Australian Chiropractic College

What words would you use to best describe your future graduates?

Why Adelle chose to study chiropractic at

The Australian Chiropractic College

Why do you want to be a chiropractor?


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