Policies & Procedures

Located in Adelaide & Melbourne (2025)

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Credit Policy

Academic Credit Procedure

Academic Freedom Policy

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity Procedure

Academic Progress Policy

Academic Progress Procedure

Admissions Requirements Statement – Bachelor of Chiropractic

Admissions Requirements Statement – Diploma of Health Science

Alteration of Student Enrolment Status Policy

Artificial Intelligence Policy

Assessment Moderation Policy

Assessment of Coursework Policy

Assessment of Coursework Procedure

Attendance Policy

Attendance Procedure

Conferral and Graduation Policy

Elite Athlete & Performer Policy

Elite Athlete & Performer Procedure

Examinations Procedure

Extension or Deferment of Assessment Procedure

Grades Results Policy

Grades Results Procedure

Graduate Capabilities – Bachelor of Chiropractic

Graduate Capabilities – Diploma of Health

International Student Transfer to Another Provider Policy

Inherent Requirements – Policy

Inherent Requirements Statement – Bachelor of Chiropractic

Inherent Requirements Statement – Diploma of Health Science

Library and Information Services Policy

Library Services Charter

Orientation Policy

Orientation Procedure

Recruitment and Admission Policy

Student Academic Appeals – Form

Student At Risk Policy

Student Fee and Refund Policy

Student Fee and Refund Procedure

Student Grievance and Appeals Policy

Student Grievance and Appeals Procedure

Student Involvement and Feedback Policy

Student Support Policy

WIL/Clinical Practicum Framework

WIL/Clincal Practicum Policy

WIL/Clinical Practicum Procedure


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