Life changing


Based in Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

Career Development

With business management and skills built into ACC’s curriculum, you will be learning how to be career-ready from Day One.

Our curriculum offers the knowledge, experience, networks and intelligence you look for so that you can confidently start your own practice or be an asset with hand-on experience to a chiropractic centre or practitioner.

Our Student Clubs offer focused, practical attention on specific areas of chiropractic technique so that you are able to graduate with confidence.

Our national network of supporter chiropractors is looking forward to getting to know you and to supporting you in your professional development.

Because we’re niche and new, the Australian Chiropractic College also offers career assistance when you need it. Just make an appointment with the Dean of Academics at your convenience.