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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Group (or Student Representative Council – SRC) is a voluntary program open to all students of the Australian Chiropractic College. The SRC is the voice of the student body and acts as a conduit between students and university administrators. The SRC provides suggestions and feedback to the university administration, and develops and implements activities to improve campus life.

The SRC is managed by an Executive Council which consists of chiropractic students who are elected executive officers and class representatives.

Student leaders are also an integral part of our Academic Board.

Role of Student Representative Committee

The SRC duties include:

  1. Gathering feedback from students in regards to campus life
  2. Organising and coordinating campus events
  3. Discussing high-level strategic issues with faculty related to programs and academic requirements
  4. Improving and enhancing the student experience
Interested in being a student leader?

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