Dr David Hannah B.Sc (Chiro)

David Hannah was originally from Canada (Ontario) and has lived in The United States, Malaysia and Australia.

He graduated from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1983 and has practiced in British Columbia, Davenport Iowa USA, Novo Hamburgo Brazil and Australia.

He has been involved in chiropractic for 42 years, since 1979. Having completed a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Biochemistry and then pursuing his chiropractic career.  Since graduating he has completed a Fellowship of International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture and a Clinical Teaching Resident (CTR); received a Board Certification in Atlas Orthogonal and completed a 3-year Diplomat Program that led to a Fellowship in the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedist.

David’s professional experience started in private practice initially as an associate, then as a self- proprietor which he continued for 12 years before moving to Davenport Iowa to work at Palmer College as an Associate Professor, Staff Clinician. From 1999 – 2003, he was involved in teaching programs and also worked as a clinician and translator for Brazilian Resident Chiropractors.

David is familiar with several different chiropractic techniques and has done TMJ assessments, and orthopedic consultations. He has an appreciation of chiropractic knowing that it deals with the whole body, recognizing that chiropractic care acknowledges the ‘whole entity’ he is therefore patient centered and brings a relaxed, low key approach to health care. His many accomplishments are a testament to his desire to give back and share his wealth of knowledge and expertise.


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