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To create an exceptional environment

For outstanding chiropractic education

Based in Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chiropractic College is proud to deliver cutting-edge curriculum in a caring and vibrant environment.

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The establishment of the Australian Chiropractic College (ACC) has been driven by a group of dedicated chiropractic leaders who share a commitment to the future of chiropractic.

The ACC’s purpose is to:

  • Promote, facilitate and undertake scholarship and higher education in chiropractic
  • Advance public knowledge and understanding of chiropractic
  • Encourage, promote and facilitate education in health in connection with the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic
  • Represent the interests and concerns of the Australian Chiropractic College to government, the community and the profession

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This is not just another chiropractic program. It’s an obvious answer to a glaring need. It’s a straight solution for the people.

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We are looking for all types of sponsors – from purchasing equipment for our first cohort in 2020 right through to Visionary.

All donations to ACC over $2.00 may be tax deductible.

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Why to support ACC

Being a not for profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient DGR/charitable status, we rely on you, our supporters, to fund our mission.

By giving, you will be:

  • part of a tangible shift in chiropractic education
  • supporting traditional chiropractic principles and values
  • building a strong future for chiropractic around the globe
  • aiding in the creation of practice ready, business savvy, research literate chiropractors who can promote chiropractic to the world.