Dr Christopher Hume-Phillips M. Chiro, Grad Dip (Animal Chiro)

After being inspired by the late Dr. Virgil Strang to acknowledge the distinction between ‘sick care’ and ‘health care’, I’ve remained committed to guiding those around me towards shifting their own paradigm, so as to improve their chances for a healthier existence through heightened self-responsibility.

Chiropractic practice has provided the space for this, affording me opportunities to make a genuine difference in how people live their lives. Similarly, teaching has allowed me the opportunity to assist others in finding their own way to make a difference. After 27 years in practice I still get excited about what Chiropractic has to offer, and look forward to making a contribution to the students of the Australian Chiropractic College.

Dr Hume-Phillips’s professional accomplishments include:

  • Graduated as a Chiropractor in 1992,
  • Teaching positions at UNSW (Anatomy Dep’t) & RMIT(Animal Chiro).
  • Special interest in Animal Chiropractic (25yrs).

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